In Rajasthan 3,500-person staff of 108 ambulances, not a single woman exists.

Posted on June 22, 2023

There is not a single female employee among the 108 ambulances used to transport pregnant patients to hospitals. The drivers and the entire nursing staff are men. The 108 ambulance service transported 1.69 lakh women in 2022. Some of them assisted by male nurses delivered infants inside the ambulances themselves.There are around 850 of these ambulances in the state that can transport patients in an emergency. There are 3.500 employees working for the GVK-EMRI corporation, which has a contract with the government to operate the ambulances, but not a single female employee."Our top priority is to save the lives of patients in emergency situations," GVK-EMRI manager Bhanu Soni stated.These ambulances are used to transport patients in dire circumstances, including those hurt in car accidents, severe trauma cases, pregnancy-related crises, heart attack cases, and other similar scenarios. The nursing staff assists in loading patients onto ambulances and discharging them as well.